13 February 2024

ForestNavigator researchers inform EC´s 2040 target of 90% greenhouse gas reduction

Exciting News! The EU has just released a comprehensive impact assessment on pathways to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

A special shout-out to our ForestNavigator colleagues, who supported the Commission with analysis from the models GLOBIOM, G4M, CAPRI, ibis.iSDM, and 3PGmix.

Their work contributed to the analysis of emissions and mitigation pathways, focusing on agriculture and LULUCF (land use, land-use change, and forestry) sectors. They also provided biodiversity impacts and cost estimates for emission mitigation and technical advice and support to the European Commission.

Within the framework of the ForestNavigator project, these models will be further expanded to enhance the assessment of the mitigation potential of forests for EU climate neutrality and beyond.

Read more about the impact assessment here

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