12 April 2024

ForestNavigator EGU 2024 session 16 April

The session organized by Dr. Andre Nakhavali at EGU 2024, titled “Modelling and Exploring Forest Ecosystems under Future Climate and Management,” is set to take place on Tuesday, 16 April, from 16:15 to 18:00 CEST at PICO spot 1. This session delves into the critical role of forests as carbon sinks, biodiversity supporters, and providers of ecosystem services. With a focus on the latest innovations and advancements in forest modelling and the assessment of ecosystem services, the session aims to explore the dynamic interplay between forest ecosystems and changing environmental conditions, including future management actions. The discussion will encompass next-generation forest models that integrate climate dynamics, the fusion of diverse data sources for enhanced model accuracy, and the exploration of large-scale modelling to understand feedback mechanisms within forest ecosystems.

The agenda of the session is structured around five key focus areas, including the development of models that intertwine climate drivers with forest growth, the integration of various data sources into forest modelling frameworks, and the assessment of complex feedback loops among forests’ adaptive strategies and climate changes. Additionally, it will provide an in-depth analysis of how alternative management practices and climate drivers impact forest structure, which is crucial for evaluating biodiversity and ecosystem services. The session also aims to bridge the gap between forest structural indicators and biodiversity, offering innovative methodologies for assessing the economic implications of forest management decisions. By inviting contributions from researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, the session at EGU 2024 seeks to provide a vibrant exchange of knowledge and best practices, aiming to enhance the resilience and sustainability of forest ecosystems in the face of a rapidly changing global climate.

Join us on 16 April 2024! We are looking forward to meeting you at EGU.




    EGU General Assembly 2024 - Modelling end Exploring Forest Ecosystems under Future Climate and Management


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