29 April 2024

ForestNavigator organises Seminar Series “ForestTalks”

Tomorrow, 30 April 2024, is the launch of the new webinar series “ForestTalks”!

This seminar series on forest monitoring and forest-based policy pathways for climate and biodiversity goals is organised by ForestNavigator, in collaboration with its sister projects ForestPaths and Pathfinder.

A common European forest monitoring system is crucial as it

  • Promotes climate and biodiversity-smart forest management by providing vital data for policy-making
  • Helps evaluate and maximises forests´role in climate change mitigation and aids in biodiversity conservation
  • Safeguards economic interests by monitoring forest resources
  • Assists in disaster prevention through early threat detection and identifyfing adaptation needs

The seminar will start at 10.30 CEST.

To register, click here






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